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Building the future through Information Value

Nodes srl was born out of the desire on the part of managers and entrepreneurs with an extensive experience in information management, to meet clients’ needs in managing evergrowing amounts of data and information, and the potential value that could be derived from such management.
Today Nodes, is a hotbed of young talents driven by curiosity and the passion to “experiment’, as well as to develop the most effective solutions that help companies build their future on the enhancement of extractable information from the data.
Nodes business model includes solutions, software, assets, licenses, innovative products and services with a high added value, directed at:
Quality improvemet of enterprise data assets and the integration of data – whether structured or unstructured – used in the ‘core’ business processes: CRM, SCM, Customer Service;
Design and implementation of application projects based on ETL, DWH, DataMart, BI, facilitated by two property assets of Nodes: DataCert DataCert and Big;
Transformation and correlation of data and big data into templates (patterns) which represent a subordinate relationship between some business variables – revenues, costs, fraud attempts, collections, etc –  and others, which are not apparently correlated or are weakly correlated with the prior;

Determination of the characteristics and behaviors of individuals – individuals or companies – to whom are addressed Digital Marketing and Digital Sourcing within the new e-Commerce and eProcurement processes.
The Nodes offer has found applicability in numerous clients, both public and private, successfully addressing specific topics related to the management of the information before the Central Public Administration, Banks, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Fashion and Oil & Gas clients, providing support for the improvement of analysis, normalization and standardization of information and, where applicable, ensuring their validation, both in Italian and in other Western and Eastern countries languages.
The main platforms used and which Nodes has gained expertise on are: IBM, Trillium Software, Informatica, Microsoft, Pentaho.
Nodes is Advanced Business Partner of IBM, with certifications and qualifications for resale in IBM Analytics and IBM Commerce ambit.

Work with Us

Nodes, hotbed of young talents is constantly looking for resourses focused on working in the field of Information Management, Business Analytics and Big Data.
The profiles submitted will be examined as soon as there are compatible open vacancies.

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