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Nodes A4M – Analytics for Marketing

Nodes A4M – Analytics for Marketing

Identification of the Business specificity.
Nodes Analytics for Marketing (A4M) is the solution developed by Nodes to support the Marketing Departments in the identification of new business specificity.
A4M is a tool for the identification of new patterns arising from the combination of different sources regarding the entire complex of activities carried out by the Marketing Departments.
The solution, through a simple and flexible management of interactive dashboards, that can be used directly by the end-user, enables the management of all marketing activities in order to adjust future campaigns also on the basis of previous data.
The solution enables companies to:

  • Correlate information related to the users behavior and preferences detected;
  • Perform discovery and data analysis through useful segmentation to address new initiatives and marketing campaigns;
  • Have indications of preferences, brand reputation and appreciation of its customers;
  • Synthesize knowledge and profiling of customers in simple graphics dashboards of easy usability for both the Marketing and the company’s management.

Nodes A4M is a solution available in cloud and ensures:

  • Quick implementation
  • Affordability
  • Independency from the technology used in the company

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