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Nodes A4P – Analytics for Procurement

Nodes A4P – Analytics for Procurement

For the Governance of purchasing processes.

Strategic management of suppliers is a primary source of value to the organization, so it is increasingly important to put them at the center of the supply strategy.

To meet the new demands of the market, Nodes has developed Analytics for Procurement (A4P), a solution that allows to have a “unique” vision of the supplier, through relevant information, easily accessible (affordable), reliable and constantly updated.

The solution analyzes the collected data, both internal (enterprise information systems or user data – e. g. Excel sheets) and external ones, also in unstructured form (Social Media, Web) so as to have intuitive unique views in graphical form, on time basis, geographical / geographic location, with reference to:

  • Available Budget
  • Assessment of the expenses of different purchase requests
  • View supplier for the area, category and type of risk
  • Supplier performance rating
  • View of the distribution of tenders

Nodes Analytics for Procurement allows to organize data according to the needs of the Purchasing Department:

  • REGISTER OF SUPPLIERS, where vendors are grouped by geographic location, product category and financial-strategic and qualitative information.
  • PERFORMANCE, where the suppliers performance is analyzed on the basis of different parameters.
  • TENDERS, information on the status and number of tenders, basis of business unit and by product category, available budged and the value of the purchase requests.

The solution is available in Cloud and is based on IBM Watson Analytics technology, an innovative analytical tool accessible via browser, which allows to:

  • Explore business data from any source (even simple Excel sheets), to create “informative views”
  • Quickly identify correlations between useful data for end-users
  • Provide daily support in decision-making and analysis processes
  • Highlight risks and opportunities of the internal and external information environment

IBM Watson Analytics also offers the opportunity to interact with the system using natural language.