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Nodes Big DataCert

Nodes Big DataCert

To enrich with BigData the company’s information assets

The exponential growth of data and information as well as the potential value of extractable therefrom, constitutes a new opportunity for innovation – related to markets, products, processes – for subjects (companies and/or individuals) being able to organize and integrate this assets.

Nodes respond to this challenge through the creation and development of Nodes Big DataCert, a solution that integrates and correlates unstructured information (Social, Streaming, Web) with structured data, enabling the extraction of the maximum possible value.

Nodes Big DataCert, is a solution addressed to the marketing and sales functions, able to aggregate information from Big Data sources (Social Network, Streaming, Web) with the existing information in the Enterprise CRM, ERP, SCM, etc…

Nodes Big DataCert enables the enrichment and enhancement of corporate information assets through:

  • PROFILING set by end-users according to specific needs
  • ANALYSIS trend of appreciation (Products, initiatives)
  • CATEGORISATION by subject, geography and time trends;
  • OPTIMIZATION of Sales and Marketing campaigns
  • UNIQUE VIEW by integrating BigData with application environments
  • NEW AND DEEPER knowledge of Customers