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Nodes DataCert

Nodes DataCert

For the Governance of Data Quality

Nodes DataCert, arises from the acknowledgement that reliable decisions depend on reliable data. Its a solution developed entirely by Nodes that is compatible with the main market leading platforms. Through quality rules applied to integration and data visualization and dashboards quality monitoring products, Nodes DataCert improves, enriches and deduplicates biographical data archives (customers, users, citizens, suppliers) related to all countries in the world and provides evidence of improvements, over time, of data quality – for over 50 countries and languages.

Nodes DataCert, allows to:

  • Provide qualitatively validate data to enterprise applications
  • Validate complex biographical data archives
  • Improve business processes that make intensive use of data
  • Remove duplication present in the databases
  • Monitor the quality of incoming and outgoing data from mobile type’s devices